Your Team Management & Communication App

Crew is an app for work communication that lets frontline team members chat, see schedules, trade shifts, give and get recognition, and read company announcements right on their phones.

Why crew

Benefits for Frontline Teams

Crew gives companies and frontline employees a new way to communicate, stay engaged and be more successful.


Increase productivity

  • Assign tasks, ask and answer questions, cover shifts fast and easy
  • Crew members get more work done faster when they collaborate
  • Tens-of-thousands of managers and owners see a real business return on investment with Crew

Higher team satisfaction

  • Higher team satisfaction = lower employee turnover
  • Giving and receiving gold stars from peers and managers shows team members they are valued
  • Respect team member privacy – no personal phone numbers shared
  • Team members know you value their time when you invest in tools that help them do their jobs better

Enterprise-grade tech

  • Crew is an easy-to-use app that scales to any sized organization
  • Built from the ground up to support teams of five all the way up to teams of thousands
  • Extremely affordable pricing makes it a smart investment in your company’s productivity

Crew In Action

See how our customers drive business results with Crew.


What teams are saying about Crew

  • “It is the communication app our stores use for scheduling, time-off requests, store information, and crew kudos! The best way to stay informed with everyone and everything work related.”

    Dairy Queen General Manager
  • “With Crew, I've managed to create a lot more accountability for my team. Employees are expected to get shifts covered if they can't make it – Crew gives them a tool to make that possible. Crew really takes a lot of the pain out of communicating schedule matters.”

    Jamba Juice General Manager
  • “It helps us to communicate with each other about schedules and keep track of all of our tasks, [and] when we need to have certain things completed.”

    CVS Pharmacy Technician
  • "The new company website that corporate created for us is in no shape, form, or fashion comparable to your app. I would like to thank you and your team for providing such an amazing app for me and my crew. It's unbelievable this is a free app! Again, thank you for everything!"

    McDonald's General Manager
  • "I absolutely love the app it is very helpful and easy."

    Chipotle Cashier
  • "Honestly, this app is amazing for workers. My coworker had mentioned this to me and I found it very useful and a very safe way to keep tabs on what everyone is doing. Super simple and easy. You guys have done an excellent job. Just keep it up. No issues at all, not even a glitch - which I've found in other messaging apps - but this one is perfect!"

    Jimmy Squad Team Lead
  • "As a food service manager, I appreciate excellent customer service. Your team has provided that and then some."

    Dunkin Donuts General Manager
  • "This app is seriously amazing! My staff and I LOVE it! It helps my employees to know when they can and cannot request time off."

    Down East Home & Clothing Boss Lady
  • "I love this app. You did an amazing job!"

    Tides Wharf Restaurant Manager

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