About Crew

Crew helps teams achieve shared understanding so everyone can have a successful day at work.

Based in San Francisco, California and founded in 2015 by Danny Leffel and Broc Miramontes, Crew is a free service for purposeful and organized team communications that keeps everyone on the same page about everything work-related. Crew gives leaders and co-workers a powerful new way to instantly send messages and stay up-to-date, manage schedules and give recognition all in one centralized place, directly from any device.

Unlike collaboration software that has evolved around the needs of office workers, Crew is the first communications service designed specifically for the millions of workers who don’t have ready access to effective communications services on the job. Thousands of teams across every industry are using Crew to help their businesses run more smoothly, customers like store clerks, restaurant managers, pharmacists, nurses, waiters, coaches, police and fire personnel. Prior to Crew, work-related communications were disorganized as teams were using an elaborate system of personal texts, phone calls, print-outs, bulletin boards and in-person conversations. Crew has raised $24.9 million from Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, Harrison Metal, and Aspect Ventures.

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