11 Simple Workplace Morale Boosters

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11 Simple Workplace Morale Boosters

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Danny Leffel

Are your employees not as excited to come to work as they used to be? Can you see your team’s morale dipping lower as the days pass? It’s not unusual for moods to cycle through a team; however, you don’t want to let it go too far. Since employees often contribute to a customer’s first impression of a business, low morale can severely impact a company’s success. The good news is that it’s not too difficult to remotivate your employees with some of the simple workplace morale boosters below.

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1. Celebrate Anniversaries

Work anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions should all be celebrated. If you have a large team, it may be easier to consolidate those important days into one event per month. If it’s difficult to set aside the time to celebrate, at least send around a card for employees to sign for birthdays and anniversaries. Show your employees that you care about days that mean something to them.

2. Be Flexible

There will be times that an employee can’t make their shift. Car issues, a no-show babysitter, or an unexpected illness can mess up any schedule, but you can minimize the disruption by allowing your employees to switch their shifts, make up the time, and leave early for emergencies. The Crew App is a great tool for teams because it gives employees a central place to get in touch with co-workers to cover their shifts. Not only will the flexibility relieve some pressure from your staff, but it will also show them that management understands they have lives outside of work.

3. Express Gratitude

You don’t always have to make a huge deal out of your employees doing their jobs correctly, but you should make sure that they know they’re appreciated. If they feel the job they’re doing is important, they will be more likely to do it to the best of their ability, but you need to be specific in your praise. A blanket statement of “you’re doing a great job” isn’t enough to show you care. A personal acknowledgment of a job well done can go a long way in building trust between your employees and management.

4. Organize a Group Volunteer Project

Team bonding can be a great way to boost workplace morale. Coming together to help the less fortunate will make your employees feel like their job is making a difference in people’s lives, and your company gets the chance to give back to the community it serves. It may not be feasible for all employees to do a volunteer project at the same time, so stagger the days and let your employees decide the type of project they’d like to do.

5. Recognize Achievements

If your team accomplishes something difficult, reward them for it. You may want to consider choosing an employee or team of the month and giving them a monetary bonus for achieving their goals. A friendly competition to make the business better is a win-win situation: employees do a great job, and your store, restaurant, or service company will benefit as a result. Gaining recognition will motivate employees to continue doing their best. Just make sure the reward is worth the hard work.

6. Communicate Openly

There’s nothing more discouraging than not having all of the information you need. Management does its best to get important messages to their teams, but if an employee misses an announcement, it can breed resentment and confusion. An online app like Crew can combat this issue by allowing supervisors to send messages directly to their employees’ smartphones, so you’ll never have to worry about inconsistent team communication again.

7. Offer Perks

Everyone likes to feel like they’re getting something extra from their day job. Some perks could be as simple as a store offering a discount or a restaurant allowing employees to take home extra food. They aren’t financially difficult for the company to offer, and they’ll help keep workers happy.

8. Invest in Employee Growth

Some employees won’t be content staying in entry-level positions, so offer them opportunities to grow. Provide management training, shadowing options, and cross-training wherever possible, and urge supervisors to take the time to help employees interested in moving up within the company. For example, a waiter who expresses interest in eventually becoming a part of management could be given the opportunity to shadow their supervisor to get a feel for the job. Investing in employee growth boosts both morale and retention rates.

9. Remove Roadblocks

Roadblocks are any issues your employees face that hinder them from being as efficient as possible. Just because a task has been done the same way for years doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Since your employees are the ones doing those tasks, they’re the best ones to ask about what needs to be fixed. Those minor inconveniences that keep getting in your employees’ ways can add up, which is frustrating. Ask them what bothers them and then try to come up with solutions. Remember that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than their unhappy peers.

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10. Don’t Stifle Creativity

Even if your company requires employees to wear a uniform, there is no reason to completely stifle their individuality. Allow them to decorate nametags, wear pins, or add accessories that convey who they are. If they’re able to feel more like themselves at work, they won’t see themselves as cogs in a machine.

11. Ask for Employee Input

If you are still struggling to come up with ways to boost morale, try asking your team what would make them happier. You could set up a suggestion box for their ideas. That way, if they don’t want to include their names, they won’t have to. Just remember that it’s not enough to only ask for your team’s suggestions; you’ll need to implement them, too. Make sure that your employees feel empowered to share their ideas, and they’ll be excited to see the results.

Boosting workplace morale is one of the greatest ongoing investments a company can make. If employees are happy, it flows over into their interactions with customers. By implementing a few of the above tips, you’ll be able to stave off low employee morale and boost customer satisfaction at the same time.

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