6 Staffing Issues and How to Overcome Them

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6 Staffing Issues and How to Overcome Them

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Danny Leffel

Staffing issues are one of the biggest problems facing the retail and restaurant industries. Because employees have a lot of face time with the customers, unreliable staffing can be detrimental to the entire business. Unfortunately, having a dependable, full-time staff is more complicated than just getting warm bodies in the building. If your business is struggling to keep employees, check out the six common staffing issues below and tips for how to overcome them.

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1. Filling Critical Roles

Critical roles need to be prioritized and filled for the company to run smoothly. For example, imagine you have five job openings, and one of them is for a cook. Few of your existing employees have the skills needed to fill that role, so it’s necessary to hire a cook before anyone else. Make sure you have a list of all the positions in your company and flag the critical roles. Let the hiring team know which ones are deemed crucial for business, and try setting a time frame in which you’d like them to be filled.

2. Scheduling Conflicts

One of the toughest jobs of a manager is scheduling the shifts for employees. If one person can’t make it, the whole team feels the loss. The Crew App makes team scheduling easy because all employees can view the schedule and communicate directly with their manager and co-workers through their smartphones. If there’s an instance where one of them can’t make it, they can simply message the team and find someone who’s available. If your team has the freedom to be flexible with their schedules, you should have fewer staffing issues related to missed shifts, especially during busy seasons.

3. High Turnover

Employees leave for a variety of reasons, so it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint why they’ve left. However, high turnover can frequently be attributed to low morale. Observe the work environment to see if the turnover rate is being affected by something specific. If you’re unable to notice anything, try asking your employees for ways to improve the environment. Make sure they’re being appreciated and reinforce to management that they should be treated with respect. You can also try changing the company culture to celebrate small wins that your team has so they won’t be bogged down by the negatives.

4. Under-Staffing

High turnover and under-staffing go hand-in-hand. Once several people have left, it can start to feel like a revolving door that will never stop. The employees you have left will be frustrated and overworked, so be careful that you don’t run them off. Instead, come up with a plan and dates for when you’ll have the company up and running again. Share that information with your current staff, and have management pitch in to help whenever possible. Seeing managers jumping in to do entry-level work will revitalize your employees and reinforce the idea that they’re part of a team.

5. Poor Recruiting

You have to advertise available jobs in the correct place. Putting up a “help wanted” sign will get you a few applications, but if you want reliable talent, you’ll need to actively recruit. Social media is a helpful and low-cost tool for connecting with potential employees in your area. Build your brand by posting online and interacting with consumers. Not only will you find that new hires will be excited to work for a company with a great social media presence, but you’ll also notice more consumers flocking to your business.

6. Insufficient Benefits

Employees are actively seeking jobs that will offer them health benefits and vacation days. If you want to remain competitive, you’ll need to find ways to attract permanent employees. In addition to vacation and health insurance, being flexible with time is a benefit that companies can offer, as are career development, mentoring programs, and overtime pay. Figure out what you can do to set yourself apart from the rest, and let your employees know about it. You can even offer a small reward for employees who recommend someone who gets hired.

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It can be frustrating for business owners to consistently have staffing problems, but it’s not an issue that can’t be resolved. Owning a business is a lesson in constant innovation, and the hiring/retention process isn’t exempt. Changing up some company policies to better serve your employees will benefit your customers as a result. Employees who are happy to be at work will be more attuned to customers’ needs, so taking the time now to correct these common staffing issues will be worth it in the end.

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