7 Fun Employee Recognition Ideas

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7 Fun Employee Recognition Ideas

Posted on Ocotber 26, 2018 by Danny Leffel

You’re aware that you could never be successful without the tremendous efforts and talents provided by your team; however, it can be a struggle to know the best way to show your appreciation. While saying thanks and the occasional cash bonus can make an employee smile, recognizing them in unique and fun ways can help drive employee engagement and show that you care. Here are seven fun employee recognition ideas that you can implement today.

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1. Social Media Shout-Outs

Instead of a picture on the break room wall, share your employees’ accomplishments on social media. Calling out the wins of your team members in a public forum tells the world how proud you are of your workers and lets them share their achievements with family and friends. As a bonus, sharing positive aspects of your workplace shows potential future employees that you’re an employer who cares and celebrates their success. Keep in mind that if you include employees in your public posts, you should have their permission first.

2. Off-Site Outings

Everyone enjoys taking a break from work and having fun. Company outings and retreats not only show that you’re thankful for your team’s hard work but also let your employees relax and develop stronger bonds with their coworkers.

3. On-Site Entertainment

If you’re unable to have off-site events with your team, you can always bring the celebration to your employees. Schedule catered lunches, after-hours family events, or extended breaks and games in the parking lot.

4. Remote Pizza Party

Some employees may not work in the office or you have a wide-spread workforce that’s unable to meet in-person. For remote employees, have pizza delivered to them. Even if you don’t have too much contact with your entire team, they’ll appreciate when you go the extra mile to recognize their hard work.

5. Personalized Gifts or Rewards

Whenever possible, personalize the rewards and recognition for your employees. For the employee that enjoys music, get them their favorite band’s new album, a subscription to a music streaming platform, or concert tickets. For the animal lover, get them fun toys to play with their pets. For the employee who loves to knit, they always appreciate extra yarn or patterns. Recognizing their talent with awards tailored to their own goals and interests can help drive better employee engagement and have a more significant impact on team members.

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6. Random Acts of Sweetness

Sometimes small tokens of appreciation can have a tremendous impact on employee morale. Having regular challenges for favorite treats or beverages can help bolster productivity and express gratitude for showing a little extra effort. For regularly high-stress positions, such as restaurant servers, stocking the break room with treats or giving each worker a piece of candy before or after a busy time can show that you care and appreciate their talent.

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7. Massive Rewards and Goals

While some employees will enjoy recognition with smaller awards or treats, many will appreciate the opportunity to receive something ordinarily unattainable. Offering a goal-based recognition program can help push higher results and reward employees for long-term success. Depending on your organization and structure, you may want to consider individual goals or team goals. Regardless of your choice, it’s essential that your goal is attainable. No employee will feel motivated by an award that’s impossible to receive.

Individuals may want to work for personalized prize packages such as the following:

  • Gift cards for a night on the town.
  • Tickets for a big sporting event or concert.
  • A large television and game console.

Determining the right prize for an entire team can be slightly more challenging. Since the award likely won’t be able to match the interest of every employee, some may not put out the extra effort necessary for the team to be successful. You can mitigate this risk by making the prizes for team goals be events. Consider:

  • Bringing in food trucks for lunch.
  • Taking everyone out for dinner and a movie.
  • Taking everyone on a cruise or trip.

If you’re worried about the expense associated with the large prizes, you can offset that by minimizing short-terms awards or accolades and structuring the goal in a way that the added revenue from the employee’s increased production will offset the expense.

Determining the best way to recognize your employees is challenging and will always change. You will need to consistently come up with new ideas and ways to show your employees that you appreciate them and to keep them motivated to improve. Even if your business cannot afford someone devoted to maintaining employee engagement, by genuinely caring for your team, you’ll be able to know exactly how to show your appreciation and be successful.

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