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Organizational Chart for Restaurants

Posted on August 8, 2018 by Danny Leffel

A restaurant organizational chart is a visual representation outlining a restaurant’s workflow hierarchy, and is most often depicted using a flowchart. The workflow starts at the top with the owner and moves down to the restaurant manager. From there the chart structure makes its way to the kitchen manager and then to the service and house staff, including line cooks, prep cooks, hosts, and servers. This is an example of an organizational chart template in a restaurant.

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The Purpose of an Organization Chart

In simple terms, the aim of the restaurant’s organizational chart is to clarify precisely who is in charge of whom. Team communication issues often arise when employees don’t know who to report to or when it’s unclear who is responsible for certain tasks. With the the organizational structure depicted clearly, all team members know who they report to, there is a clear chain of command, and the restaurant has a better chance of functioning smoothly as a unit.

Improving Team Management and Communication

Another way to reduce the common team communication issues that arise in a restaurant is to leverage technology and use a dedicated team communication application. Even with a good organizational chart in place, unexpected problems can occur, necessitating swift communication between shift workers and restaurant leaders. Check out apps like Crew to enhance communication in your restaurant. The Crew app gives companies and frontline employees a new way to communicate, stay engaged and be more successful and is designed specifically for teams that don’t have ready access to effective communication technology on the job.

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