What Is Crew Pro?

Crew Pro is a powerful set of manager-focused features you can use to benefit your entire Organization. While the standard version is great for use with, and by, team members, Crew Pro gives managers and admins more administrative control, as well as additional features to increase productivity and enhance scheduling functionality.

What does Crew Pro offer?

Permissions Maximize your administrative control. Managers and admins know that too many cooks can ruin the organizational soup—if anyone can call the shots, no one knows exactly what’s going on. Crew Pro helps you keep a lid on the potential for confusion by allowing you to enable or disable permissions for several key organizational features, such as creating new groups or inviting new team members to join the app. If you know exactly who’s a part of your team, you enhance the security of your whole system.

Reports One of the most popular daily reports is Attendance. Location Groups let you know which workers are on your premises at any given time; with Crew Pro you’ll get daily email reports that track that workplace attendance—who’s on time, who’s late, who hasn’t shown up for their shift—the actual numbers that demonstrate your scheduling system at work.

Another useful report covers Announcements, and the library of reports is always expanding. Contact Crew Support for more details.

Profanity Filter Keep your Organization’s communications professional. If a team member includes profanity in any public or private Crew conversation, the content of the message will be blocked, and the intended recipients will see in the Chats tab that the message has been “removed by Admin”/”hidden for inappropriate language” (device specific). There will be no reaction capability for the message, but recipients can still reply to it.

You can also choose to enable the Report a Message feature, which allows any team member to flag a message they’ve received that doesn’t seem right for the workplace.

To enable the Profanity Filter, simply toggle it on from the Admin tab. The Profanity Filter can also be enabled through Command Center for enterprise accounts.

Additional Crew Pro Benefits

Upgrading to Crew Pro

There are two ways to purchase Crew Pro

  1. You can purchase through an in-app upgrade, available in Monthly or Annual plans.
  2. If you need to pay for Crew Pro with a company credit card or purchase order, contact Crew Support within the app.

When you upgrade an Organization to Crew Pro, one subscription will cover all the employees in that Organization, though only admins will see the version of the app that reflects the enhanced package. More than one Organization under your umbrella? Contact Crew Support for information about our Command Center package.

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