Command Center Analytics: Start the New Year with New Crew Insights

Crew is excited to kick off the new year with the launch of Command Center Analytics. We know the insights we capture within Crew are valuable, since team communications is so deeply intertwined throughout our customers’ businesses – it impacts everything from employee engagement and retention to the end customer experience and sales outcomes. And we believe it’s important that leaders can access the analytics that matter most to them, whether they’re managing restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, or even fire departments.

With that in mind, today we’re unveiling a brand new dashboard in Command Center, available to Crew’s Enterprise and Business tier customers. Rather than show the same basic data points to everyone, now you can select and filter the Crew metrics we display for a richer, more relevant at-a-glance look at your business’ unique communications goals.

Let’s break this down into three common questions leaders often ask us:

1. How are my teams connecting and engaging?

Employee engagement and retention are top of mind for most frontline managers, especially during peak seasons like the holidays. With our new Command Center Analytics page, leaders looking to build stronger engagement can see relevant insights, such as:

  • How many messages are sent in Crew? Is that number increasing or decreasing?
  • How does activity vary across different locations or teams?
  • Are my employees supporting each other by awarding gold stars in Crew?

2. Are managers on top of scheduling?

Many multi-team leaders want better visibility into their teams’ scheduling compliance. For example, a leader from Tacala, a Taco Bell franchisee with hundreds of locations, shared, “I want to know when a store manager has been posting schedules consistently on time so I can make a hero out of her by rewarding her on Crew and in real life.” If you’re in the same boat, you can now track key scheduling metrics, i.e.:

  • Are schedules being posted on time for each organization?
  • How many shift cover or time-off requests were there over a certain time period? Are those numbers increasing?
  • Are open shifts getting approved coverage? Are certain teams better at successfully covering shifts?

3. Who is your rising talent?

In many industries, future leaders come directly from frontline teams, so people development is crucial. One leader at the Harps grocery chain told us, “It would be interesting to know when people are recognizing each other for good work. If I knew that a customer service manager had gotten seven gold stars, I would be able to go to the store and tell her thank you.” Other leaders who want this insight can see a quick snapshot of:

  • How many gold stars are awarded overall? How many at each organization?
  • Who are our top 5 gold star winners and what teams are they on? Who are the top 100?

In addition to these new metrics, our Crew Enterprise customers can now add analytics around onboarding/offboarding and other data. For more details on how to customize Command Center, click here, and if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at