The Crew Behind Crew ~ Meet Frank Wong, Office & Facilities Manager

It’s time for another fun peek at The Crew Behind Crew. This week, we sat down with Frank Wong, who joined Crew as our first office manager in November 2017, and immediately brightened our workspace in San Francisco with his positive, energetic attitude. As a welcoming face for our guests and the go-to person for all of our team’s office and facilities needs, he wears many different hats to make sure Crew runs smoothly and efficiently.

Not only does Frank maintain our physical office by organizing any inefficiently used spaces and ordering supplies and delicious snacks, he runs Crew’s internal cultural events, all-hands and traditions. We appreciate everything Frank does to promote a positive culture throughout the organization in a way that’s engaging, sustained and meaningful.

Here’s what we learned when we sat down to get to know Frank better:

Crew: What’s the best thing about your job?

Frank: My favorite part of my job is being able to support all my colleagues by creating a welcoming workspace.

Crew: Name one thing you’ve learned from working at Crew.

Frank: One thing I learned at Crew is how many companies need the service we provide. It’s cool to know that when I greet a customer (in person or on the phone), they might be from any one of more than a thousand different businesses, schools, fire departments, or even sports leagues who use Crew to communicate with their teams all in one place.

Crew: Describe yourself in three words.

Frank: Three things to describe myself are: adventurous, handy and fun.

Crew: Where do you go when you need to “get away”?

Frank: When I feel like getting away, I either take my boat out fishing or hop in my truck and take a drive to the mountains to camp.

Frank is another great example Crew’s cultural values, including pride of craftsmanship and empathy. If you’re curious about what it would be like to work at Crew, check out our current job postings!