How Crew Works for Your Team

Start up Crew for your team

It’s free and works on any smartphone. Add co-worker phone numbers to get your team up and running. You can choose from your contacts or do a bulk upload to save time. Phone numbers stay private in the app and you get a team directory that’s accessible to everyone at all times, making communication a breeze.

Customize for how your team works

It’s super easy to get your team up and running instantly. With Crew you can manage all work-related communication for Messaging, Schedules, Tasks and Recognition in one convenient place. You can customize Crew to use all the features or choose only the ones that are right for your team. Leaders can manage permissions and everyone can set notification preferences.

Keep your team and business running smoothly

Crew makes it easy to ensure that your team is on the same page. Stay focused on shared goals, turn up teamwork, solve problems faster and celebrate wins. Crew brings your team together so everyone can have a successful day at work.

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